Friday, 22 March 2013

Last Dinner


I am updating my latest event for this semester. that is my last dinner for diploma session.
even though is not like grand event, it just thoughtful. there are celebrating us for our last semester and as a seniors. here are some pictures from the event. it's not that much. so, take a look!

meet my frends!
datin NorLee,

me! at the entrance. hehehe

kak mira just smile. sweet!

masquerade + strawbery + watermelon

hopefully dekan for this semester. Ameen!

Paan a.k.a ainan tasneemmmm~~~

3 of us, lets cheers!

smile sokmo~ 

ayu + comey + mereng

geng turqoise colour

me! fake smile. heee~

Kila, the blue ladies in masquerade.

the have their lucky number gift
#me, not lucky yet T__T

p/s: memories is to remembered. i think i gonna miss u all.


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